Sunday, October 21, 2007

Short Film Update

So alot has been going on with the short film, i just havent updated in a while. First of all, some small story changes: Jack(purple guy) is now going to hook Clyde(green guy) into playing with his car keys rather than his pocketwatch. It just seemed like a more plausible reason to risk all of your winnings. Plus it gives Clyde a desire to play, setting him up for a perfect character flaw...greed. Next, ive decided to rework shot 35 where Jack shakes Clydes hand and looms over him. I want to break it up into multiple quick cuts to improve the pacing of the sequence. Also, a lot of shots have been lengthened to allow time for some solid acting. Alot of my shots worked in the animatic, but when it came time to animate, more time was needed to fit in the acting that was necessary to make these characters seem alive and to be thinking about what the're doing.

Special thanks to Eric Stallard, Erik Westlund, Gav Gnatovich (spelling?) and Becky Wible-Searles who have really helped me this semester so far to push every shot to be better than i had in mind. Keep it up!

Any and all comments or critiques are extremely appreciated!

Scene 37 Animation

Scene 29 Animation

Scene 28 Animation

Scene 10 Animation

Monday, October 8, 2007

Scene 10 Update - Ruff Animation

Here is the latest with scene 10. All of the Ruff animation is completed, except for some tweaking on some of the pool balls. I think the scene is working pretty well. The pacing feels right and when played with the music, its hilarious.
Im open to comments, critiques or suggestions though. Anything to make this shot better!

PS. im considering using this shot as the opener on my demo reel. Any thoughts?

Scene 10 - Ruff Animation

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Scene 10 Blocking

Well, its finally time to tackle this scene. I purposly put this scene off until i was more comfortable with the rig and the characters. Here is my work from the past 2 days. Only the blocking and ruff timing of key poses and breakdowns at this point but im likin the main action.

Any comments or critiques?

Scene 10 Blocking

Monday, October 1, 2007

Scene 41 Final Animation

So here is the latest with scene 41. Pretty much ready to call it done but as always, comments and suggestions on how to make it better are welcome.

Scene 41 Final Animation