Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scene Eleven Animation

This is the ruff animation from shot eleven in my short. There is still a degree of finesse animation i have to do before i will call this scene done, but its at a point where i wouldnt mind a little input. Does the timing of the actions feel right, is the pacing of the poses smooth and appealing, is there anything that feels odd? Any comments or critiques are welcome. PS. Clyde is taking money from Jack in this scene, but i havent added in the money yet, so just use your imagination.

PS. I know the video is a little dark. the only thing i was able to upload was a playblast. For some reason my AVI's arent uploading properly and i dont have access to After Effects to composite frames for another week.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

This one's for my dad...

I dont know why, but this just popped in my head and i head to get it down on paper.

Its definitely an inside family joke so i apologize to you 'outsiders'.

I remember one of your stock lessons during one of our family hikes and it just made me laugh. I know you'll disagree with me on your choice of hiking gear back then dad, but i remember perfectly...admittedly, i may have taken some liberty on how high your socks were.


Friday, August 3, 2007

City Concept Piece

A piece of cocept art to get an idea what i might want my next assignment to look like. We have to do a city, both from a distance and going down one of the streets. Honestly, im having trouble jumping into this assignment because im FINALLY animating my portfolio short and i gotta admit, its more fun than anything ive deen so far! Everytime i sit down to work on assignments i find myself opening up a scene and soing some animation instead.

Oh well, either way somethings gettin done!