Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scene 36 Final Anim / Scene 41 Ruff Anim

Finished scene 36. Im likin' the way it came out!
Just a little past ruff blocking for scene 41. Tangents are still linear and it looks great. I might just leave em that way and not use clamped.

Any comments or critiques?

Scene 36 Final - not rendered yet though

Scene 41 Ruff Anim

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scene 36 Ruff Animation

Its been a little while since my last post. I got sick for a while and ive been working extra shifts in the lab but now im back on track. Ive done a few scenes since my last post so here's a couple of them. Soon enuff ill post an updated animatic with the scenes inserted. Also, that way you'll be able to see the scenes with motion blur, which sometimes makes quick movements look more believable, particularly in scene 35. Enjoy!

Comments and critiques are more than welcome.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Scene 27 Update

So here is the latest for scene 27. Erik Westlund, the new 3d professor at our school has given me some great advice about tilting the head a little and adding some assymetry in the face. We also discussed his method for going about animating in 3d and im very excited to try it on my subsequent scenes. Its very similar to the way you would go about animating in 2d. Essentially you start with all your keyframes on consecutive frames, no frames in between. From there you start to seperate them, looking for the appropriate timing, then add some settle into the frames. From here, you add in your breakdown positions. Then, you go in and add keys where necessary, attempting to stay on 2's whenever possible, switching to 1's when necessary. The dopesheet can get heavy, but it is much more organized and you are in control of arcs and spacing, not Maya.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Scene 27 - Update

So im only 5 scenes into my short but ive already realized something ive been doing. In my attempt to strive for better animation than i have ever done, ive been looking at each scene individually and trying to make the most out of them. Pushing every pose (appropriately...none of the unnecessary posing Erik Westlund so accurately pointed out in his observations regarding "A Gentlemens Duel"), adding in those blinks that breathe life into the character, and in general, really trying to understand the character and how they would react. All well and good except...i have been forgetting to look at the bigger picture. I need to remember the scenes in the context of the whole.
Crystal, you were more than 100% correct when you mentioned a shaking of the hands. You touched on something that went much deeper: My character was accurately reacting, begging for one more game. But in the context of what had just happened to him, he seemed not too upset. I sat there and said, 'this guy has just lost a dozen games in a row and all his money...but my animation doesnt suggest that he really wants that last game to make up his losses.'

Therefore i went back and pushed some expressions and added in some shaking in his hands to really get you to feel that this character is desperate. Im getting closer but i know i can push it more...

Your thoughts?

Monday, September 3, 2007

Scene 27 Ruff Animation

Here is the scene i did today. Jack is begging Clyde for one more game.