Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, i've finally finished the animation of my short film!!! Hooray!!! I composited it all together but its all just playbasts at this point with a sprinkling of rendered scenes here and there. Its essentially a ruff cut of the shots with the music, no sound fx yet. Im going to take a week or two off and let my mind regroup, then come back and decide if theres any thing extra i want to add. The plan after that is to render over the break and put the film all together in January, when i have access to the schools programs again. Then after that its off to film festivals!

I was fortunate that the animation department head, Becky Wible Searles allowed me to spend this whole semester working on the character animation, rather than spending weeks worrying about the rendering. I was able to make a much better film this way and i truly appreciate it.

So in the meantime, check out my brand new website! I plan to update it as often as i can with new sketches and animations and definitely the short film sometime in February!

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Crystal said...

Congratulations! Wow, that was great of Becky to let you save rendering for over the break. I'm sure the finished animation looks amazing. :)