Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The trailer for "Ratchet and Clank Future 2: A Crack in Time" is out! For those interested, I do have a few shots of gameplay in there and one cinematic shot (the one of Dr. Nefarious saying "part of me wants to let you live long enough to find out. The other part...really wants to KILL you!!").

The animation in this game is definitely some of the best in the games industry and in my opinion some of it rivals film! But then again...i have a somewhat biased opinion.

Be sure to check it out when its released later this year!

Click on the image to play trailer

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Emmett Hamilton III said...

Impressive... most impressive. You know this reminds me of a story. It's about this one guy (I’ll keep this anonymous, but his name rhymes with dawn). Anyway this guy was all talented and stuff, but often whined about his state of employment or lack thereof. As a matter of fact roughly a year ago to this day his awkward whines would echo through the halls for all to hear. "I can't get a job! No one will hire me *sniff*" And look at him now! All working and successful. Ah how times have changed.LMAO.
Seriously though, that is some amazing shit man! Love your shot. Can't wait to check out the game. Okay got to get back to work. SIGGRAPH is coming up and I got to be ready.