Monday, August 31, 2009

Modeling/Texturing Finished

Finally finished with the modeling/texturing. Again, Kim Hazel modeled the head and hair based off my designs/sculpt and I modeled the body and textured the entire character. There's still a few tweeks to the texture I need to make, but for the most part it's done.

The next step is to rig him up and create his blendshapes. Also, plenty of things still do do in other parts of the project.


Emmett Hamilton III said...

Dude,he looks great! I love the textures in the face and hair.

Brad Wright said...

He is looking gooooood (never thought I'd say that)!

The one thing I'd say to watch out for it the twinning on the pose. You need to break up the symmetry. I don't know how you got a job if that's the best you can do. God, I'm so much better than you. You're just lucky I let you have that job at Insomniac. It would have been mine if the mailman hadn't come early the day I was going to send in my resume.